Activated alumina /Reactive alumina ball

Activated alumina /Reactive alumina ball

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Activated alumina is an excellent adsorbent and desiccant, and its main component is alumina. The product is white spherical particles, which play the role of drying and adsorption. Activated alumina desiccant is an essential product for compressed air dehydration and drying. In industry, activated alumina adsorption dryer is almost the only choice for the preparation of dry compressed air below zero pressure dew point, activated alumina can also be used as a fluorine absorption agent.

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Main parameters

Ingredients Al2O3(>93%)
Appearance White sphere,Ф3-5mm
Chemical type x-p
LOI ≤8%
Apparent density >0.75g/ml
Milling strength >80%
Crushing strength ≥150N (size:Ф3-5mm)
Bulk density 0.68-0.72g/ml
Surface area ≥300m2/g
Pore volume 0.30-0.45ml/g
Static absorption(RH=60%) 17-19%
Attrition Loss ≤1.0%

Advantage of Activated alumina

a) High extrusion strength. Activated alumina has a high extrusion strength, which allows for rapid pneumatic loading into the tower. The high extrusion strength also allows the higher absorber to dry the gas more efficiently. At the same time, activated alumina can effectively prevent ammonia from entering.
b) Low wear. The low wear properties of activated alumina ensure that it reduces dust generation during gas/liquid transport, and can reduce gas pressure drops during use, minimize downstream valve and filter clogging, and reduce the appearance of dusty products.
c) High adsorption capacity. Activated alumina has high water absorption due to its high specific surface area and unique pore distribution structure.

Shipping,Package and storage


a) Xintan can deliver Activated alumina below 5000kgs within 7 days.
b) Packaging: Plastic bag / Carton box / Carton drum / Steel drum
c) Keep in an airtight container, prevent contact with air, so as not to deteriorate


Applications of Activated alumina

Activated alumina has many capillary channels, large surface area, can be used as adsorbent, desiccant and catalyst, the product has high strength, low wear, water immersion unchanged soft, no expansion, no powder, no rupture. It can be widely used for deep drying of petroleum cracking gas, ethylene propylene gas and hydrogen production, air separation device, instrument air dryer drying, fluoride treatment in hydrogen peroxide can also remove sulfur gas hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrocarbons and other pollutants in the exhaust gas, especially suitable for fluorine water defluorination treatment.


1. Before using activated alumina, do not open the packaging bag to avoid moisture absorption and affect the use effect.
2. Because activated alumina has strong adsorbability, it is strictly prohibited to connect with oil or oil vapor, so as not to affect the use effect.
3. After the actived alumina carrier is used for a period of time, many properties gradually decline, and the adsorbed water should be removed by regeneration for reuse.

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