• Foundry and casting

    Foundry and casting

    Casting is the foundation of industry, and material is the core of casting. Hunan Xintan New Materials Co., Ltd. produces graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer and supplies flake graphite, slag remover, ferroalloy and other materials...
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  • gas mask and refuge chamber

    gas mask and refuge chamber

    Xintan hopcalite, carbon dioxide adsorbent and desiccant are widely used in gas masks and refuge chamber. In the event of a fire, a large amount of smoke and carbon monoxide gas are produced. Excessive carbon monoxide gas can lead to asphyxiation. So public places are ge...
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  • Industrial air purification

    Industrial air purification

    The carbon monoxide removal catalyst developed by Xintan can be used for the filtration and purification of industrial gases. Industrial gases include nitrogen, oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. These industrial gases need t...
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  • Ozone destruction

    Ozone destruction

    Ozone is a fishy smell of light blue gas, with strong oxidation, widely used in food, medicine, sewage treatment and garbage disinfection and disinfection. In practical applications, there is usually residual ozone, and high-concentration of ozone will cause harm to huma...
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