Palladium hydroxide catalyst Noble metal catalyst

Palladium hydroxide catalyst Noble metal catalyst

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The Palladium hydroxide catalyst developed by Hunan Xintan uses alumina as the carrier and noble metal palladium as the raw material. Palladium hydroxide is an important inorganic compound, the molecular formula is Pd(OH)2. It can catalyze many important chemical reactions, such as hydrogenation, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation, etc., widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, energy and other fields. In addition, palladium hydroxide can also catalyze the synthesis and oxidation of organic compounds, and is one of the important catalysts in organic synthesis. Palladium hydroxide is also an important raw material for preparing palladium and palladium alloys.

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Main parameters

Active material Pd(OH)2
Appearance Ф1mm, brown sphere
Sampling size 0.5g
Pd content (Dry basis) 5.48%wt
Bulk density (Wet basis) ~0.890 g/ml
Moisture content 6.10%
SBET 229 m2/g
Pore Volume 0.4311 cm3/g
Pore size 7.4132nm

The particle size and composition of palladium hydroxide can be customized.

Advantage of Palladium hydroxide catalyst

A) Wide range of application. Palladium hydroxide catalyst contains the precious metal palladium, has better chemical activity, can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, electronics, automotive and other fields.
B) Good stability. This catalyst can maintain its catalytic properties stably in a variety of environments, and also has excellent comprehensive properties such as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.
C) Good selection performance. This catalyst can be used in combination with other catalysts to greatly increase the activity of the catalytic reaction and improve the selectivity of the reaction.

Shipping,Package and storage of Palladium hydroxide catalyst

A) Xintan can deliver cargo below 20kgs within 7 days.
B) 1kg plastic bag, vacuum packing
C) Keep it dry and sealed when you store it.


Applications of Palladium hydroxide catalyst

Palladium hydroxide catalyst can be used in electroplating. Palladium plating has good corrosion resistance and gloss and can be used for high preparation amount of metal surface coating. Palladium electroplating has become one of the important surface treatment technologies in the fields of electronics, aviation, automobile and so on.

Palladium hydroxide catalyst can also be used to prepare high purity palladium compounds. High purity palladium compounds are the raw materials for the preparation of high-performance materials, such as palladium-based catalysts, palladium-based electrode materials, palladium-based hydrogen storage materials, etc.

In summary, palladium hydroxide has a wide range of application prospects, not only in chemistry, materials, energy and other fields plays an important role, but also in modern industry and high-tech fields have irreplaceable.

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