ozone O3 decomposition catalyst/destruction catalyst

ozone O3 decomposition catalyst/destruction catalyst

short description:

ozone decomposition catalyst produced by Xintan is used to destroy ozone from exhaust emission. Made from manganese dioxide(MnO2) and copper oxide(CuO),it can decompose ozone into oxygen efficiently at ambient temperature and humidity,without any additional energy.It doesn’t include any activated carbon material.

It features high efficiency,stable performance and long working life(2-3years),Ozone destruction catalyst is widely applied in ozone generators ,commercial printers,waster water treatment ,disinfection and sterilization which is related to ozone application.

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product parameters

Ingredients MnO2, CuO and Al2O3
Shape Columnar
Size Diameter: 3mm, 5mm
Length: 5-20mm
Bulk density 0 .78- 1 .0 g/ ml
Surface area >200 M2/g
Intensity/strength 60-7 0 N/ cm
Ozone concentration 1 - 1 0 0 0 0 PPM
Working Temperature and Humidity 20-100℃。Recommended humidity<70%
Recommended GHSV 0.2-10*104h-1

Advantage of ozone decomposition catalyst

A) Long lifetime. Xintan ozone decomposition catalyst can reach 2-3 years.Compared with carbon material. It has longer working life.
B) No additional energy. This catalyst decompose ozone into oxygen through catalytic reaction,without consuming energy.
C) High efficiency and safety.Its efficiency can reach 99%. Some users may take activated carbon to absorb ozone, but it can also produce carbon dioxide,which can be a danger. Xintan ozone decomposition catalyst has no such risk
D) Low cost. compared with thermal destruction of ozone, catalytic destruction of ozone features higher efficiency and low energy cost.

Shipping,Package and storage of ozone decomposition catalyst

A) Xintan can deliver cargo below 5000kgs within 7 days.
B) 35kg or 40kg into Iron drum or plastic drum
C) Keep it dry and seal the iron drum when you store it.
D) Pls avoid heavy metal and sulfide which can poison the ozone decomposition catalyst




A) Ozone generators
All places where ozone can be used need to use ozone generators .Ozone generators are widely used in drinking water, sewage, industrial oxidation, food processing and preservation, pharmaceutical synthesis, space sterilization and other fields. There is off-gas ozone released from ozone generators. Xintan ozone destruction catalyst can process off-gas ozone with high efficiency. Industrial ozone generator features high power, This catalyst has good and stable performance when converting high-concentration ozone.

B) Sewage and water treatment
Ozone has strong oxidability.It can oxidize a variety of organic and inorganic substances in water.
Residual ozone may be released from water treatment. Ozone decomposition catalyst can convert Residual ozone to O2.



C) Commercial printing devices.
Corona treatment is widely used in commercial printers. but corona would generate ozone. excess ozone brings human health problems,It can also corrode device. Xintan ozone destruction catalyst has been widely used in corona treaters by our customers for its high efficiency and long working life.

Technical service

Based on working temperature.humidity, airflow and ozone concentration.Xintan team can offer advice on the quantity needed for your device. When you design catalyst destruct unit for industrial ozone generators, Xintan can also offer support.


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