Industrial air purification

Industrial air purification

The carbon monoxide removal catalyst developed by Xintan can be used for the filtration and purification of industrial gases.

Industrial gases include nitrogen, oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. These industrial gases need to be filtered out of other residual gases during production. The catalyst produced by Xintan can dispose of these residual gases in a cost-effective and efficient methods

1) Nitrogen, for example, is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, almost inert diatomic gas.
Because N2 has a triple bond (N≡N), the bond energy is very large, the chemical properties are not active, and almost no chemical elements at room temperature
The reaction can only be combined with a few metals or non-gold elements at high temperatures. Due to its stability, nitrogen is commonly used in the following industrial fields:
a, food preservation: fresh agricultural products or frozen food preservation
b, compound manufacturing: chemical fertilizer, ammonia, nitric acid and other compounds.
c, electronics industry: epitaxy, diffusion, chemical vapor deposition, ion implantation, plasma dry engraving, lithography and so on in the electronics industry.
d, used as zero gas, standard gas, calibration gas, balance gas, etc.
e, refrigerant: low temperature grinding and other refrigerants, coolants.
In some specific fields, the purity of nitrogen is very high, and the low concentration of carbon monoxide and oxygen in nitrogen need to be removed to improve the purity of nitrogen. The hopcalite(carbon monoxide removal catalyst) produced by Xintan is very effective at removing carbon monoxide from nitrogen gas at room temperature. The quality is stable, the efficiency is high, and the cost is lower than the same type of catalyst abroad. Xintan copper oxide catalyst can remove the low concentration of oxygen in nitrogen, and the service life can be up to 5 years.

2) Take carbon dioxide as an example, industrial grade carbon dioxide gas is widely used in the food field, but carbon dioxide is usually mixed with carbon monoxide, hydrogen and alkane gases, and the precious metal catalyst developed by Xintan can safely and healthily eliminate carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

At present, the our hopcalite has been widely used in large nitrogen manufacturers at home and abroad. Xintan has long maintained cooperation with world-famous gas processing plants.

Post time: Jun-20-2023